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Why Pay and Prepare Your Taxes


Reasons To file a 2019 Tax Return

While many people are required to file a tax return, it’s a good idea for everyone to determine if they should file. Some people with low income are not required to file, but will need to do so if they…

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Common Tax Errors That Can Be Costly

A small business owner oftentimes have to wear many hats. They might have to wear their boss hat one day, and the employee hat the next day. When tax season comes around, they may think of doing their taxes as just…

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Should You Itemize On My Taxes

We believe you should itemize your expenses on your tax return. Why? Because you are most likely to increase your tax refund amount. However there is a catch. Like all tax laws and regulations adopted by the Internal Revenue Service…

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Smart Income Tax Filing for Uber & Lyft Drivers

Most Uber and Lyft drivers begin tax filing as waking up and gathering all receipts they can find. Then walking into a tax store with those receipts to file their taxes. Some have also chosen the easier and simple way…

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Tax Refund Advance – Baldwin Hills Crenshaw

At Friendly Tax Services, we work hard to make sure you get the maximum return you deserve. We’ve partnered with Republic Bank & Trust Company to offer the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw District Republic early tax refund programs. Programs that are…

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Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC): Do I Qualify?

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a federal tax credit available to individuals of certain income brackets. Low income. It is a refundable credit. What this means is that if you meet the eligibility requirements you can get a…

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Good Recordkeeping Is Just Good Business

Recordkeeping is an important part of running a small business. In fact, keeping good records helps business owners make sure their business stays successful. It is the first step towards tax filing. Tax preparation is essential part or recordkeeping. Here…

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The Home Office Deductions

Small Business Owners can benefit from the Home Office Deductions. The home office deduction can help small business owners save money on their taxes. Taxpayers can take this deduction when they file their taxes if they use a portion of their home…

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