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Why Pay and Prepare Your Taxes


Frequently Asked Questions 

Where is your office?
We work virtually and rent office space from Regus Office Space and Meeting Rooms. We ask clients to use our contact form or call us to reach us. When necessary, we will arrange a meeting at one of Regus locations.

Where are you located?
We are in the City of Glendale, California. We have been a resident of Glendale for the past 30 years.

Why don’t you have a permanent office?
It is cost effective to have virtual or shared office space. More and more businesses are resorting to this kind of share office arrangement.

Is my personal information protected?
Absolutely. It is required by law. We stored all returns processed and data received with our software vendor. Hard copies are stored at a safe unspecified location.

How can I trust my data are safe?
In today’s cyber world, no data is safe. We take all necessary precautions in handling your personal data with care. We do not shared data with anyone.

What is a Refund Advance?
A refund advance is a loan that is being offer to you through some banking institution in cooperation with your tax preparer. Like any loan, you will have to qualify. The difference here is that your tax return is the collateral for the loan.

What is a Refund Transfer?
A refund transfer is NOT a loan. It is a means of paying for the tax preparation fees. Essentially, you agreed to have your refund transfer to a financial institution in exchange that the financial institution pay the tax preparer or tax preparation firm their fees for preparing your tax return. These institutions charge a fee for the service and deduct their fees along with the tax preparation fee from your return. Your balance tax refund amount gets remitted to you via direct deposited when the IRS disbursed funds if you’ve chosen this option or whatever other disbursement chosen for disbursement.

Do you provide Refund Advance and Refund Transfer?
Absolutely. We are an ERO which stands for an authorized e-filer originator. We have been approved by the IRS to electronically filed returns. Our software provider is the transmitter of the returns to the IRS.

Which financial institution have you partnered with to offer this service?
Republic Bank and Trust Company. They are based in Louisville, Kentucky and are a major player in tax refund solutions business. Click the link below to read more.

How much can I borrow?
It all depends. Below are the amounts, finance charge, and APR.

Republic Bank Tax Solutions

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