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Why Pay and Prepare Your Taxes

Tax Filing

Tax Filing Status & Tax Prep Checklist

Requirement for Filing

In order for you to file for a tax return, you must be a US, Canadian or Mexico citizen.  Resident aliens and non-resident aliens can also file for returns but there are rules governing their filings.
Your must have earned income of $1.00 or more for the year in which you intend to file. Unearned income is reported to the IRS and you must also file a tax return.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) require of Tax Preparers to verify tax documents Taxpayer submit for filing their tax returns. Taxpayers are to submit government issued documents. The purpose is to prevent fraud and scams.

Below is a sample listing of documents needed to prepare your return are below.

Single or Head of Household Married Filing Jointly Dependent Documents Required
XX XX XX Name, SSN or ITIN, and date of birth
XX XX Last Year’s Return – hard copy or PDF file
XX XX Estimated Taxes Paid
XX XX Form W-2s – wage and tax statements
XX XX XX Form 1095s – includes health insurance marketplace statement (1095-A),

Taxpayer can Drop-off tax documents at Insurance Office at 629 E Colorado St, Glendale, CA 91205 or send us a request for documents upload link

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