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Why Pay and Prepare Your Taxes

Refund Tax Advance

Friendly Tax Service have partnered with Republic Bank & Trust Company to provide Tax Advance Loan - Refund Anticipated Loantaxpayers with an early start on their tax return.

“Did you know you can pay your tax preparation fees with your refund? Just ask for a Refund Transfer?”

We believe taxpayer earnings should not be held hostage. The IRS should not be entitled to keep your money for more than two weeks after year’s end. Republic Bank and Trust Company have several programs that make possible you getting your tax return sooner.. These programs are loans toward your refund: Listed below are

      • Easy Advance Plus
      • Easy Advance Office Pay2                                    
      • Easy Advance Customer Pay2
      • preACK Easy Advance3

As a Republic ERO provider, we will prepare and file your tax. Once your return is accepted early by the IRS, you automatically qualify for one of Republic Bank Tax Advance Refund Program.Upon qualification, funds are disbursed via Wells Fargo check, Republic Netspend card, Walmart2Direct Cash or IRS Direct Deposit.After deducting authorized fees, the remainder of your refund is disbursed to you by Republic Bank by checks, via Walmart2Direct  or Direct Deposit PREMIER FINANCIAL TAX & ACCOUNTING dba FRIENDLY TAX SERVICES 

*A Refund Transfer is a fee-based product offered by
Republic Bank & Trust Company
Member FDIC. Ask your tax preparer for details.*

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