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Why Pay and Prepare Your Taxes

Should You Itemize On My Taxes

We believe you should itemize your expenses on your tax return. Why? Because you are most likely to increase your tax refund amount. However there is a catch. Like all tax laws and regulations adopted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), there is always a catch. The catch is you must qualify before you can take itemize deductions. Qualifications is based on your filing status and standard deductions.

We can help qualify you to itemize on your tax return. How? By partnering with us in keeping good records all year round. We use intuit quickbooks online (qbo) or qb online to keep track of your expenses. By year end, we are perfectly ready to help get you the maximum return you deserve.

IF your filing status is… YOUR standard deduction is…
Single or Married filing separately $12,000
Married filing jointly or Qualifying widow(er) 24,000
Head of household 18,000
*Don’t use this chart if you were born before January 2, 1954, or are blind, or if someone else can claim you (or your spouse if filing jointly) as a dependent. Use Table 7 or 8 instead.
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