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Small Business Service

Small Business Service for Independent Contractors | Self-Employed

The slogan “Time is money” is true. Small Business Owners and Independent Contractors DO NOT have the time to be in the trenches dealing with bookkeeping terms debits and credits. Or trying to figure out what’s the right category to post business expenses. They need a TRUSTED PARTNER that would do this for you. 


Our small business service is the PREMIER service we provide to Independent Contractors and Self-Employed individuals. We are not just doing your taxes, bookkeeping, or accounting, we are your business partner.

We’ll partner with you to make sure you succeed. We got your back.

So what does this means?

It means whatever challenging decision you are facing, we are here to help guide you. We will HANDLE all of your regulatory reporting.

  1. Prepare & File Business & Personal Taxes – Quarterly and Yearly
  2. We will handle the filing of Sales or Use Taxes
  3. We will Guide you in Selecting the right Corporate Structure for your business.
  4. We will become your CFO, CPA, Accountant or Bookkeeper
  5. We will give you sound advice for you to make the best decisions.
  6. We will keep you current of changes in your business environment.
  7. We will handle your Payroll if you need one
  8. Unlimited Free Consultation

Fees are as low as $25 per month to as high as $5,000 depending on business activities.

Nevertheless, our fees are always flexible and are tailored to what you can afford.

Friendly Tax Services

LA PREMIER Tax dba Friendly Tax Services is the premier income tax preparation firm for individuals, families, small business owners and the self-employed; Uber, Lyft, Taxi, and Limousine drivers; Actors, Independent Contractors and Entrepreneurs. We have empathy and understand the toll driving takes on Uber, Lyft, Taxi, and Truck drivers. That driving is time consuming. Uber drivers just don’t have the time it takes time to keep track of those business-related expenses.

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