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Taxpayer Data Sheet

    Filing Status Yes/No
    Married Filing Jointly
    Married Filing Separately
    Head of Household
    If not US, Canada, Mexico, - Resident Alien
    Number of Dependents

    Taxpayer attest that the information provided are TRUE and are to be use for the sole purpose of filing his/her Income Tax Return. Tax Preparer is required keep a copy of documents provided for up to three years and to safeguard taxpayer information in a secure location. The information is to be use for sole purpose of filing tax return.

    Documents Present Yes/No - How Many
    Form 1099-NEC/Form 1099-Misc/1099-K
    Business Information


    Friendly Tax Services

    Friendly Tax Services is the premier income tax preparation firm for individuals, families, small business owners and the self-employed; Uber, Lyft, Taxi, and Limousine drivers; Actors, Independent Contractors and Entrepreneurs. We have empathy and understand the toll driving takes on Uber, Lyft, Taxi, and Truck drivers. That driving is time consuming. Uber drivers just don’t have the time it takes time to keep track of those business-related expenses.

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    FRIENDLY Tax Services (Accountants and Tax Preparers)
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