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Ways To File

Easy Ways to File Your Tax Return Confidently With a Tax Expert 

  1. File With Us Online (Laptop or Mobile Device) as indicated below.
  2. Mail Us Your Tax Documents CERTIFIED | Glendale
  3. Drop-off  Your Tax Documents | Office at Glendale
  4. Text Us Your Tax Documents | (323)451-5768
  5. Email Us Copies of Tax Documents  | contact@lapremiertax.com
  6. Schedule a 15 Consultation

Some filings with us may require a

Zoom Meeting, a Google Meets Meeting or a Microsoft TEAMS meeting if necessary.

File With Us Online

  1. Give Us Your Consent – Complete Form Taxpayer Data Sheet | Online | Download & text us copy |
  2. Review the Tax Filing Checklist and provide us with the appropriate documents
  3. Alternatively, fill out the corresponding forms online that mirror your documents and submit it to us.
  4. Upload copies of tax documents

Fill out form and submit form

  1. Taxpayer Data Sheet
  2. Tax Checklist
  3. Taxpayer Data Sheet-Stimulus
  4. Business Expense Worksheet
  5. Dependent Data Sheet
  6. Schedule C – Income & Business Expenses

Friendly Tax Services

LA PREMIER Tax dba Friendly Tax Services is the premier income tax preparation firm for individuals, families, small business owners and the self-employed; Uber, Lyft, Taxi, and Limousine drivers; Actors, Independent Contractors and Entrepreneurs. We have empathy and understand the toll driving takes on Uber, Lyft, Taxi, and Truck drivers. That driving is time consuming. Uber drivers just don’t have the time it takes time to keep track of those business-related expenses.

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